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American Bulldog Information

American Bulldog American Bulldog information hosted by dog vitamin supplement provider Buff K-9 Supplements. Summary of article would be that American Bulldogs are great pets, but they can sometimes be prone to genetic problems. It may a good idea to put your American Bulldog on a health supplement such as Buff K-9 Original www.buffk-9.com

>  The American Bulldog comes from the English Bulldog family. These types of dogs are used for different activities. For example, some are used for weight pulling competition and some are used for different types of dog shows. While others, are used for protection services.

>  “American Bulldogs are one of the few dog breeds that can claim that they were truly developed here in America. This breed is large in size and is very strong and muscular with a strong jaw…American bulldogs dog have some genetic problems but those are mainly confined to certain lines. Some health problems more common in these dogs include enlarged hearts, kidney problems, thyroid problems, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, entropion and ectropion (eye problems), and bone cancer. This dog has a short coat that is smooth and very easy to care for with moderate shedding. They come in several colors with blue or merle being the most desired. They can weigh up to 125 pounds, so you definitely want to have a lot of room for these dogs in your yard” (“American Bulldog Information”).

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