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How to Pick the Best Dog Food

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What’s the Best Dog Food for my Dog?

We receive many inquiries from our customers about what the best dog food would be to feed their dogs. To address this question is not easy. We have to take into account that some dogs are sensitive to chicken, while others are sensitive to beef. Some dogs cannot digest corn while some dogs have no problem with it.

The Issue at Hand

The real problem with finding the best food for your dog is quality! Quality becomes a major factor in determining the best options of dog food to feed your pet. Many dog owners know what the “Four D’s” of dog food are: Dead, Diseased, Disabled or Dying. These types of meat products are regularly added to our dog’s diet without us ever thinking about it. To give a graphic example, imagine finding a dead rotting animal in the middle of the road. Heating this dead animal up to a temperature to kill off bacteria, then feeding it to your dog. This is the concept of many mainstream commercial dog foods. It is simply disgusting. Do dog enthusiasts actually believe that their dog’s receive proper nutritional support from this type of dog food?

The sad answer is yes. Many people think that simply feeding their dog the processed, dog food is enough to keep their dog healthy. This is a lie that has circulated many dog forums and dog health information sites for too long. Well then what type of food is the best to feed?

A Nutritionists Opinion

In my opinion and experience as a nutritionist, no commercially processed dog food is acceptable when you really analyze the ingredients. Ask yourself this question, is eating McDonald’s cheeseburgers everyday an acceptable diet to you? No offense to those that do eat cheeseburgers everyday, but it is not acceptable to maintain optimal health.

Finally, what do I recommend for the absolute top choice dog food? The dog food is the raw dog food diet. Dogs have been in existence today by eating raw meat in the wild like their relative, the wolf. Feed your dog raw food with a super high quality supplement like True Champion Dog and watch the benefits within 30 days. You won’t believe the transformation and health benefits.

Stay tuned for a follow up article on raw dog food recipes….

Updated 01-05-2020 by Terry M., contributing author and nutritionist

Some Good News

Although many dog foods simply do not make the cut for what I would call high quality standards, many foods are beginning to take quality into consideration. We can locate some decent dog foods by searching and putting in the time and effort to find a suitable or the best food option for your pets.

However, I personally cannot make any recommendations based on the facts that I still feed my own dog raw, which many may find too time or labor intensive. In this situation, find the best food for your dog based on his or her digestion, and add in a good quality dog supplement to nourish your dog properly.