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Golden Retriever Information

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever information hosted by dog vitamin supplement provider Buff K-9 Supplements.

>  “The Golden retriever’s intelligence gives them the ability to be versatile and play a variety of roles including guide dog for the blind, hearing dog for deaf people, hunting dog, illegal drug detector, and search and rescue participant” (“Golden Retriever”).

> “Golden Retrievers are exceptionally trainable—due to their intelligence, athleticism and desire to please their handlers—and generally excel in obedience trials. They are also very competitive in agility and other performance events” (“Golden Retriever”).

> Common diseases that Golden Retriever’s may face are:  cancer, obesity, hip and elbow dysplasia, heart disease, joint disease, and skin disease (“Golden Retriever”).

> “The Golden Retriever’s eagerness to please has made them consistent, top performers in the obedience and agility rings. Furthermore, their excellent swimming ability allowed them to be considered great at dock jumping. Their natural retrieving ability also sees them excel in flyball and field trials” (“Golden Retriever”).


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