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Hunting Dogs Need the Best Health Support

Recovery and Performance Tips for Hunting Dogs

hunting dog recovery endruance buffk9Hunting dogs do a lot of hard work. If you take your dog hunting or retrieving, make sure to replenish their muscles and overall bodies with ALL NATURAL BuffK-9® Dog Vitamin Supplements.  Ensuring your dog is in top condition can make the difference between mediocre performance or top dog performance.

Having the right nutrients through proper supplementation means having a hunting dog who is thoroughly nourished and ready to work. Don’t ignore the symptoms of a dog that is fatigued and sore from a long day hunting/ exercising. These performance dogs need more than what dog food alone can provide them.

BuffK-9® Endurance & Stamina Booster features the following benefits:

  • Significantly enhances endurance & staminahunting dogs vitamin supplement buffk9
  • Protect the Heart Muscle
  • Improve Blood Flow and oxygen saturation
  • Nitric oxide production

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BuffK-9® True Champion Dog features the following benefits for hunting dogs along with all types of dogs:

  • Lean muscle building/ weight gaindog vitamins for pitbulls true champion buff k9
  • Performance/ recovery
  • Health/ wellness
  • Joints
  • Skin & Coat

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Hunting Dogs and hunting in general is a way of life for some individuals and cultures. We respect what individuals choose to believe in and as long as hunting dogs are treated with care. If your culture or lifestyle enable you to use dogs to hunt, please take extra and proper care of your dogs. Processed dog foods are not enough to support the needs of hunting dogs, as their daily lives are much more active than the typical house pet. Although the everyday pet should be using a natural dog vitamin supplement such as BuffK-9® Supplements to boost health as well due to deficiencies in the typical diet. Bird dogs and retrieving dogs also can benefit.