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At BuffK-9® Dog Supplements we specialize in health & performance supplements for ALL family dogs, working dogs such as schutzhund dogs, search and rescue dogs, military dogs, police dogs, hunting dogs, family guard dogs and show dogs. We know that our customers ask for something simple but hard to obtain; RESULTS. Healthier, Bigger, Faster, Stronger is the concept behind our product design. The way we see it, what’s the point of increasing muscle mass if it isn’t bigger, faster, stronger, and with more endurance capacity? At BuffK-9® we are known for our products producing serious increases in lean functional muscle mass, performance, endurance, joint health, and over all well-being for your dogs. All the while we use human-grade, all-natural ingredients, never compromising on quality. Be prepared for the power contained in every bottle of BuffK-9® brand supplements. Results Do the Barking


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Muscle & Health Dog Supplement

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  • Lean Muscle
  • Health
  • Skin/ Coat
  • Immune Boost
  • Good Looks


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Why wait, purchase BuffK-9® Dog Vitamin Supplements for your dog today. Start seeing results in as little as 2 weeks in your dog’s health, skin and coat, and performance. Join the tens of thousands of informed customers who already know the secret to better performance and health for their dogs. Human-Grade ingredients, never compromise on quality.


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