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BuffK-9 Athletes

The Official BuffK-9® Athlete Stud Page

Home of the real K-9 Athletes

here you will find select dogs who fit our strict criteria to be added to the Official page for BuffK-9® Athletes. These are top performing dogs who require a new classification in the canine world. Their muscle, structures, performance, and genetics are unrivaled. Please have a look at some of these award winning, Official BuffK-9® Athletes, which are available for stud by their respective owners.

Mr. Freeze


Presenting: “Mr. Freeze” of BuffK-9® Supplements.

Mr. Freeze is an Official BuffK-9® Athlete. He has a strong lineage and comes from a well respected name in the American Bulldog world. Weight 104 Lbs (not pictured yet)

Please contact: info@buffk9.com for information on stud


varick_bufk9_athlete-225x300 Presenting: “Varick” of Voraussehen Rotts.Varick is an Official BuffK-9® Athlete who is descended through the best of the Rottweiler lineages imported from Germany. He is a proven performer and award winner of several shows. Notice the rare feature of dense muscle mass on Varick, not many Rottweilers come with this type of muscle structure.

For information on stud please contact:

Mike: Voraussehen Rotts and Training Center

King Capo


Presenting “King Capo” of Bluepitbull-q8.com

King Capo is an Official BuffK-9® Athlete. He is an American Bully who has won several dog shows, including the ABKC in 2010. He is well known in the Middle East as well as within the Gottiline Board member circle. For information on stud please contact: The First Blue Pitbull Kennel of Kuwait .

Vom Fern Boden


Presenting “Vom Fern Boden”

This is the first and best Rottweiler Kennel in Kuwait. The dogs from this breeder are ALL champions and they have been on BuffK-9® dog supplements since pups! Check out the dense, lean, quality muscle mass and excellent structure.


shih_tzu_health_vitamins_muscle_skin_coat_supplements_buff_k9 Presenting “Bella” of PPH Animal Haven (Philippines)

Bella is a Shih Tzu, and yes, she is now an Official BuffK-9® Athlete.  Bella introduces an excellent breeding lineage. In the featured photos she has only been using BuffK-9® dog supplements for 1 week in this picture!

Big Bubba Blue

 Presenting “BBB” of Delta Blue Kennels”

This is a heavily muscled Pitbull who has won several championships, not only in overall but also a weight pull champ as well. Big Bubba Blue is shutting down the competition every show he goes to. Contact Ryan @ Delta Blue Kennels for stud info.

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