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BuffK-9® Reviews and Testimonials

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What do enthusiasts, top dog breeders, trainers, celebrities and military customers say in their reviews about BuffK-9® Dog Supplements?

When it comes to adding lean muscle mass, increasing definition and improving energy and overall health in your prized breeds, no other supplements come close to BuffK-9®. When it has to work, it has to be BuffK-9®.

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Pitbull review

buffk9 reviews pitfall kennel “After months and months of trying to rebuild my monster male Gustav back into the body building physique that he presented before breeding season i had no luck. I gave him high protein dog food and also tried some other ways to bulk him back up but none of that seemed to work. So i tried out this BuffK-9 Supplements and within a week i started to see results..This is a great product and i’m going to use it on all my dogs now...”

James Patton and Big Boi from Outcast

American Bully review

buffk9 reviews and testimonials pitbull vitamins “I’ve tried just about every other supplement out there and none of them really work, until I tried BuffK-9®. I don’t know what’s in this stuff, but it works.”
Oscar Gomez , Blue Pride

Rottweiler review

buffk-9 results on rottweiler

“We’ve used a lot of different nutritional products before but none with the awesome results from your product. I noticed a difference in my rottweiler within the first week. He loves the taste and his coat has even improved. My dog has gained 12 pounds of mass and has alot more endurance. His recovery time after a workout has been cut in half. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone.” Mike, Voraussehen Rotts and protection training center


Mastiff review

vitamins for pitbulls dog supplements I believed the false statements when people told me that diet and exercise is all my dog needed to look big and be healthy. I guess the statement was somewhat true. Adding a supplement into your dogs’ diet is actually part of their diet and exercise program. My dog has never looked this good. He looks like a bodybuilder!

“This stuff really works and it works fast. I am very impressed by the results.”

american bulldog supplements muscle dog

Harry Dedarian, FastLaneBulldogs







dog supplements performanceI just discovered Buff K-9 for the 1st time at a bully show in Medesto, CA last month. I was convinced into buying a month supply of the supplement after seeing results on other bullies that I know of’s pictures of 30 days before & after, completley changed the bully in every great way possible! I figured you know this is most likely another…[competitor name withheld]  type supplement that dont work at all. But I bought it anyways & I put my stud on it right away. So I took him to my local vet before giving him the supplement & had him wieghed in @ 77 pounds. After giving him Buff K-9 for a week, 7 days I took him to my vet again & put him on the scale & he was a solid 89.6 pounds! So he gained 10 pounds after taking BuffK-9 for only 7 days, 7 DAYS!!!! I couldn’t believe it…

bully forum buffk9 review“I can’t believe that your product actually worked. After trying so many different products and being disappointed with the results, I am glad that I tried your product. Just after two weeks, I could start to see the increase and lean muscle mass and definition in my dog.”
Mike, owner of bully forum




rottweiler sieger champion buffk9“I have been breeding, showing and training rottweilers for 20 years.
I have been approached by several well known canine supplement companys to endorse their product, and have been reluctant to do so. I finally decided to give Platinum Canine Supplements a shot, and was shocked by the fast reults. I have a female that had suffered an injury and developed muscle atrophy in her rear leg. After just 4 days of adding Platinum Supplements to her diet, the muscle is starting to return to her leg, and her self confidence is returning as well. I have been feeding premier dog foods, and like us humans the nutrients that are needed to supply the body to increase the proper muscles and mass, simply are not found in commercial foods. Not only does Platinum Canine Supplements offer all of the necassary nutrients, but the product WORKS and every dog in my kennel uses this product”



This is one of our favorite threads on a popular bully forum. Once a Skeptical buyer—NOW a real BuffK-9® review/ testimonial and customer:

Posted: 11:51 pm    Post subject: “Quote”

[BuffK-9] definitely works have been using it for 2 wks steady on my 3 year old female and notice marked differences in her muscle thickness and at least a 25% increase in her drag weights she normally uses. I give it 5 stars out of 5! I’ve also noticed a simply better look to her fur and hide.
Posted:  4:14 pm    Post subject: “Quote”

[BuffK-9] really does work and changes the attitude of the dog as well… i guess its that look good feel good thing…. and its safe to use with all ages….


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