True Champion Dog 2.0 (30 serving caps)

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Muscle & Health Dog Supplement

30 capsules per bottle (administer 1-2 capsules a day with food depending on goals or weight)

  • 100% Safe
  • 100% Natural, No Side-Effects
  • Lean Muscle Builder (no unhealthy fat)
  • Healthy Weight Gain (only quality muscle weight)
  • Stress Relief (happy dog = healthy dog)
  • Health Booster
  • Immune Booster, Ease Allergies (naturally boost immunity)
  • Skin/Coat Health (good looks)
  • Endurance (natural electrolytes)
  • Vitamins, Minerals, Aminos
  • FDA Registered Lab, Non-GMO, Made in USA


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BuffK-9® designs dog supplements of the future

Just 1 daily capsule makes your dog bigger, stronger, healthier and may even help dogs suffering from allergies.

Why Choose True Champion Dog 2.0?

  1. Natural Nutritionist formulated/ Doctor Approved: The ONLY nutritionist formulated muscle builder, stress blocker, immune booster, allergy ease
  2. 100% safe: Contains NO harmful ingredients
  3. Top rated: 4.2/5 stars based on unbiased reviews
  4. More muscle building + health ingredients: naturally derived (unlike most synthetically derived competitor brands)
  5. Non-GMO, FDA Registered Lab, Made in USA

The Reasons Behind Our Dog Supplement Design

Our newest supplement formulation features powerful herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and electrolytes to feed the muscle and health of your dog. How do these ingredients produce the results we want to see? Since dog foods today are already loaded with protein and fats, why continue to add more of what your dog already gets in abundance? We formulated True Champion Dog® 2.0 to utilize some of the nutrients already being taken and get those nutrients absorbed inside the muscle cells of our dogs. In addition, True Champion Dog 2.0 will replenish nutrients not typically found in dog foods.

How True Champion Dog 2.0 Works

We added select herbs to reduce the stress load and improve immune response to create healthier muscle growth, performance, endurance, and a better responding dog in general. Additionally, a dog with a healthy stress response will be less skittish and happier overall. Try any of the BuffK-9® brand supplements and see the difference!

Why Your Dog Food Isn’t Enough

There are many good brands of dog food out there, besides delivering protein and fats, very few—if any—deliver 100% of the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids your dog needs to grow healthy and strong. This is important because when you feed your dog the same thing day in and day out, even a small nutrient deficiency will compound over time and compromise your dog’s health.

True Champ Is Loaded with Everything Your Dog Needs

True Champion Dog 2.0 was formulated by nutritionists to have everything your dog needs to grow bigger, stronger, healthier, and happier. Its concentrated naturally vitamin-dense formula makes True Champ especially beneficial for dogs who are sick, malnourished, recovering from an injury, nursing, or just want to look & feel their best.

2 reviews for True Champion Dog 2.0 (30 serving caps)

  1. Pit Man

    I tried the true champion dog and my dog had good results. will buy again.

  2. T. L.

    I just started using the True Champion Dog supplement on my smaller beagle for hunting. His endurance and recovery is phenomenal plus he is looking great.

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