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How to Maximize Your Bully’s Muscle Potential

Building Your Bully’s Muscle at Max Levels the Easy Way

Bully breeds are known for having low, heavy, and wide muscular structures. While many bullys can easily gain weight, others may not have that type of luxury in his or her genes. Some require extra work to have that “show winning look.” Even the bullys’ who have the best genetics may not be able to gain that thick, hard muscle structure which prompts people to turn and stare at your dog. So what can a dog owner do to truly maximize their bully’s muscle potential? And how can we do so in a safe and effective manner?

#1. Bully Supplements

True Champion Dog® 2.0 is an all-natural, safe, effective and side-effect free formula. It contains all natural herbs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids to boost bully muscle gains to the max. It works from several different pathways to help improve quality muscle gains while simultaneously boosting the health of your bully dog.

With benefits such as stress relief, immune boost, skin/coat, naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, True Champion Dog 2.0 easily earned a top reputation among dog owners worldwide.

What’s the difference between quality muscle gain vs. weight gain?  Simple, quality muscle is beneficial for maxing out your bully’s potential. Lean muscle is healthy in several ways to your bully. First, the muscle helps your dog operate at his or her peak. Second, healthy muscle gains help keep the joints, tendons and ligaments held together stronger for greater longevity. Third, the muscle mass simply looks good, which for show dogs, could be the difference between a win or a loss.  

Simple weight gain isn’t the best solution as weight gain can be the difference between muscle and fat. No one should subject their dog to being overweight in an un-healthy manner. Fat weight is not functional, but rather it is harmful in many ways. Unhealthy fat gains in your bully can aggravate breathing, heart function and joint integrity. Say no to fat gains and say yes to healthy maximization of muscle gains for your bully.

#2. Dog Food

This one is not that complicated. Choose a good quality food for your bully. Not all dog foods agree with your dog’s digestive system. That should be the first clue as to whether you should keep your current dog food or switch to another. Some will choose to feed their bully RAW diets. This is usually the best way to feed your dog, however it is not always convenient to prepare dog food in this manner. So simply choose what works best for your dog.

#3. Exercise

When people think exercise, sometimes they may feel the need to go to extremes. This is not always the case, especially if you’re looking to max out your bully’s muscle. Many times a rigorous walk is an ample workout for your dog. If your dog has working line genetics then you will have to do a little more work to train your dog for muscle stimulation. In the end most results will come from the diet. Remember your dog’s diet consists of food and supplements. Feed your bully the proper nutrients to fuel maximum muscle bully potential.  

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Vitamins for Dogs Key to Winning Dog Shows

true champion dog buff k9 dog muscle health stress supplement

Vitamins for Dogs

Key to Winning Dog Shows

Is it really all about genetics? Or does nutrition and muscle building vitamins for dogs also play a big role in winning dog shows and improving your pet’s health? I’m writing this article to help all dog show competitors improve the health of their dog and improve their looks at the same time. “A healthy dog is a muscular dog,” this is such a true quote. First of all it is important to know that genetics are important but so is picking the right dog food and muscle building vitamins for dogs plus exercises. It’s all about the right combo. 

Important factors

Most dogs that compete in dog shows are extremely high caliber, so extra measures have to be taken to stand out ahead of the competition. Anyone who tells you all it takes is genetics and dog food are simply misinformed, it takes a lot more than that at this level.

buff k9 true champion dog supplement muscle stress immune health endurance

Factor 1

Using raw meat or canned dog food with dry kibble dog food is an important factor. The reason raw meat or canned dog food must be added to kibble is simple, dogs need raw meat or they will not gain lean muscle. Competition dogs that eat only kibble look a little too lean, so add the raw food to the kibble.

Factor 2


The best exercises to do with your dog to build the max amount of muscle are the spring pole and sled pulling (on grass or dirt). Many top competitor dogs do this at least three times a week. Doing so produces a muscular look that cannot be beat easily because it gives the dog more of a unique presence, due to increased muscle mass. Both workouts stimulate fast twitch muscle growth; those are the muscle fibers that give that lean and thick muscular look. Sled pulling (on grass or dirt) produces this look as well. Running your dog until he looks like a marathon runner will not work because that form of workout stimulates slow twitch muscle fibers, which are not designed to be massive. Many old school trainers believe that adding muscle mass is counter-productive and will cause a dog to get winded a lot faster. Well nothing can be further from the truth. This statement is mostly false. The only time you will slow your dog down when adding muscle is when your dog gains low quality bulk weight, which is actually fat weight. Even if your dog doesn’t compete, adding muscle mass will improve his health which will add years to his life.

Factor 3

Muscle Building Vitamins for Dogs

This is an area that can really get your dog to the next level and I will explain why. Many top level competitor dogs are already using muscle building vitamins for dogs, but you just won’t know about it because show winners don’t want the secrets to get out. Growth takes place during recuperation after workouts so that’s when supplements come in to rebuild to increase muscle tissue growth. So add in a high quality product such as True Champion Dog® formula and see what happens. You will be surprised at the amazing results. Also don’t be surprised when your dog starts wining a lot of shows after following these easy tips.

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Dog Muscle Builder Benefits

true champion dog buff k9 dog muscle health stress supplement

Benefits of a Dog Muscle Builder Supplement

In a world of full of dog lovers, it is our responsibility to maintain and improve the health of our pets. What exactly are the benefits of adding a dog muscle builder to your dog’s diet? Are these types of supplements mere gimmicks to waste money or will they really improve the health of our dogs? In terms of the benefits of adding a dog muscle builder supplement in your dog’s regimen, there are plenty.

Dog Obesity

First, additional lean muscle mass will improve your dog’s health in many ways. Lean muscle mass should out-weight the fat percentage, and will in-turn burn excess harmful fatty tissue. This helps your dog maintain optimal health as dog obesity is a growing problem these days. Keeping your dog fit with better muscle definition may improve your dog’s health by reducing bad fat cell replication. This may have a positive domino effect, helping heart function and better overall circulation.

Dog Diabetes

Second, by adding a dog muscle builder to your dog’s food, you will ensure this additional muscle mass will help to utilize glucose within muscle cells more efficiently. Why is this important? Dog diabetes is another growing health issue in canines. By improving your dog’s lean muscle mass and density, the muscle will more effectively burn off excess sugar or glucose rather than your dog storing it as fatty tissue.

Keeping your dog fit with better muscle definition may improve your dog’s health by reducing bad fat cell replication. This may have a positive domino effect, helping heart function and better overall circulation.

 Muscle and Dog Joint Health Connection

 buffk9-bully-muscle-builder-supplement-pitbull-kinglineFinally, having a dog muscle builder supplement in your dog’s health regimen may also improve joint integrity. We recently saw a veterinarian who suggested exercise and to increase the lean muscle mass of our aging dogs to possibly improve their joint health. How exactly does a dog muscle builder supplement directly improve your dog’s joint health? Well, lean, tighter, stronger muscle tissue may have the capacity to help hold joint cartilage and tendons together with a stronger bond. Imagine holding a tight grip on a rope versus a weak grip, which grip is obviously going to win? Maintaining muscle mass is a very important factor in your dog’s overall health.

Drawbacks and Solutions

Although, there are mostly benefits associated with adding a dog muscle building supplement to your dog’s food, there may be drawbacks. Choosing the right supplements with the right quality and results can be tough. BuffK-9® brand True Champion Dog® is a human-grade dog supplement developed as a safe dog muscle builder. It contains natural vitamins, minerals, protein, aminos and fatty acids. True Champion Dog® Supplement improves your dog’s health from the inside out. By providing the proper nutrients typically missing from commercial dog foods, True Champ is able to help nourish your dog.  

Overall Health

Dog obesity, dog diabetes and dog joint health are real issues many dog enthusiasts face today. Under the care and advice of your veterinarian, exploring dog muscle builders and their benefits may be a valid option to discuss for health improvement. Your dog will thank you for it.        

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Raw Dog Food Recipe

raw dog food for pitbull dog endurance supplement

BuffK-9® General Raw Dog Food Recipe

High Quality Dog Food VS Raw Dog Food

A lot of customers email and call us asking about what type of dog food is the best dog food? There’s so many choices ranging from grain-free, gluten-free, all natural, organic dog foods or raw dog food. Thus, making it hard to choose for best results. Our recommendation is to stick with what works, if your current brand of dog food is working well with your pet, then stick with it and just simply add in a very high-quality dog vitamin supplement such as True Champion Dog® to supercharge your dog food.


If you want to maximize your dog’s true potential, you may opt to feed them a raw dog food diet. We choose to feed our dogs raw dog food as we experienced allergy problems and other issues related to poor nutrient absorption from commercial kibble. BUT it is not always convenient to feed your dogs this way, so it is nice to have a good quality dog food on hand regardless.


Ground Beef (or your meat of choice)
Brown Rice
Eggs (with shells)
Yogurt (probiotics and calcium)
BuffK-9® Dog Supplements (lots of nutrients and omega fatty acids)
Veggies of your dog’s choice

Some even opt to add in kibble to their blend just to add some hard chewable food to keep their dogs jaws and teeth strong. It really will vary depending on your dogs goal and health situation. Below is a video of Mr Freeze who developed some pretty bad allergies from his diet. So we decided to start feeding a more raw dog food. It focuses on the main staples of a healthy dog life along with an awesome dog supplement by BuffK-9® to fill in any gaps.

Video Instructions

Disclaimer: This is not meant to replace medical advice. Please consult your veterinarian before changing your dog’s diet.

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True Champion Dog Questions and Answers

buffk9 vitamins pitbull supplements bully muscle abpt health stress joints dogs

Welcome to our Q and A post!


The best way to give the formula to your dog is to mix it in the dog food sprinkled on top once or twice a day.


Our dog supplement formulas are free of fillers and anything artificial, we don’t add any flavor enhancers because they are known to cause all kinds of issues. The best way to give it to picky eaters is mix it in a scoop of plain regular yogurt and give it to your dog. This solves the problem 99 percent of the time.


Thanks for asking that question, it’s our favorite. The kind of muscle YOUR DOG WILL GAIN, WILL BE LEAN, DENSE MUSCLE MASS WITH MUSCLE DEFINITION this is how the formula is designed. We believe in increasing lean healthy muscle that will stay even if you stop use of our product, which will contribute to overall health of your dogs. That is why the muscle gained is dense and lean, not bulky or fat.


The reason it works is quality human-grade ingredients in the correct ratios, for dogs that workout, this can include going for regular walks to weighted vest exercises. Every company tells consumers that their products are the best, so why do very few work? The reason is simple, quality ingredients and research, it’s that simple. There are thousands of manufacturers of ingredients but the quality of each manufacturer is different to varying degrees. This is what makes the difference between what works and what doesn’t work. When you use super high quality ingredients, the results you get are superior. It’s not easy to concoct a dog supplement with proper ratios of nutrients that actually absorb. Remember quality products produce results, period. Cheaper, bad quality products don’t, period.


Our formalizations would help in terms of strengthening his muscles so that as he gets older he will maintain better muscle function. It will help reduce chances of muscle atrophy, which is what dogs suffer from a lot of these days as they age. Commercial Dog Food, no matter how high quality, usually isn’t enough to prevent this age related issue. Extra support is needed.


The simple reason why your dog is not maintaining healthy weight is because all dog foods are made with cooked meat, the reason is to avoid bacteria and food poisoning in your dog. The problem with this is that it kills the natural enzymes and the protein digestibility in your dog. Unlike people, dogs were never meant to eat cooked meat. The solution is simple add raw meat to your dogs kibble, canned food doesn’t count, plus it’s a lot more expensive then raw meat. We suggest not to completely pull your dog off of kibble because there will be days when you may not have the time to feed them raw meat. The last thing you want is a dog that only eats raw meat because it becomes very time consuming feeding your dog raw only. The breeder blaming the dogs genetics is not the real issue here and shouldn’t be a reason to get another dog. I’m sure you love your dog and refuse to replace him as you should never replace your dog just because he can’t gain weight. Just add raw meat and BuffK-9’s True Champ formula and see what happens. Also a weighted vest will speed up the process of natural muscle building. Remember you can work your dog out hard but without the proper nutrition he will not grow properly and won’t maintain healthy weight. To increase healthy muscle weight requires extra nutrients such as raw meat with a quality muscle building supplement such as BuffK-9’s True Champion Dog formula. Any person who tells you that genetics and dog food is all you need may not be completely educated on the subject.


It’s completely safe to give to your dog BuffK-9 True Champion Dog year round for ANY DOG; especially if he works out regularly because the formula protects and prevents muscle atrophy and really helps them with longevity. Just compare a person who works out, eats healthy and adds supplements to their diet on a daily basis. Their muscle tone, skin and joints are in better health compared to a person who drinks a lot, eats fast food and does not have any supplements added to their diet.


NO. There are no ingredients contained in any of our formulas that would increase aggression. True Champion Dog Supplement can increase energy and drive, however.


Our flagship formula improves lean muscle mass which helps maintain mobility. As dogs age, they lose their range of mobility. Its important to pay close attention to the mobility of your dogs’ muscles, which is also factor that’s overlooked often.

10. What kind of RAW food do you recommend?

Raw ground beef with 10 to 20  percent fat is great or raw ground chicken is also great. Give your dog raw meat at least 3 or 4 times a week, make sure to always mix it with a high quality dry dog food kibble of your choice. Never use raw meat by itself because it doesn’t contain all the necessary nutrients your dog needs. That why you always mix it with dry dog food kibble. To take it to the next level of health add BuffK-9’s True Champion Dog formula and watch the results.

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How to Pick the Best Dog Food

best dog food choices

What’s the Best Dog Food for my Dog?

We receive many inquiries from our customers about what the best dog food would be to feed their dogs. To address this question is not easy. We have to take into account that some dogs are sensitive to chicken, while others are sensitive to beef. Some dogs cannot digest corn while some dogs have no problem with it.

The Issue at Hand

The real problem with finding the best food for your dog is quality! Quality becomes a major factor in determining the best options of dog food to feed your pet. Many dog owners know what the “Four D’s” of dog food are: Dead, Diseased, Disabled or Dying. These types of meat products are regularly added to our dog’s diet without us ever thinking about it. To give a graphic example, imagine finding a dead rotting animal in the middle of the road. Heating this dead animal up to a temperature to kill off bacteria, then feeding it to your dog. This is the concept of many mainstream commercial dog foods. It is simply disgusting. Do dog enthusiasts actually believe that their dog’s receive proper nutritional support from this type of dog food?

The sad answer is yes. Many people think that simply feeding their dog the processed, dog food is enough to keep their dog healthy. This is a lie that has circulated many dog forums and dog health information sites for too long. Well then what type of food is the best to feed?

A Nutritionists Opinion

In my opinion and experience as a nutritionist, no commercially processed dog food is acceptable when you really analyze the ingredients. Ask yourself this question, is eating McDonald’s cheeseburgers everyday an acceptable diet to you? No offense to those that do eat cheeseburgers everyday, but it is not acceptable to maintain optimal health.

Finally, what do I recommend for the absolute top choice dog food? The dog food is the raw dog food diet. Dogs have been in existence today by eating raw meat in the wild like their relative, the wolf. Feed your dog raw food with a super high quality supplement like True Champion Dog and watch the benefits within 30 days. You won’t believe the transformation and health benefits.

Stay tuned for a follow up article on raw dog food recipes….

Updated 01-05-2020 by Terry M., contributing author and nutritionist

Some Good News

Although many dog foods simply do not make the cut for what I would call high quality standards, many foods are beginning to take quality into consideration. We can locate some decent dog foods by searching and putting in the time and effort to find a suitable or the best food option for your pets.

However, I personally cannot make any recommendations based on the facts that I still feed my own dog raw, which many may find too time or labor intensive. In this situation, find the best food for your dog based on his or her digestion, and add in a good quality dog supplement to nourish your dog properly.

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Best Dog Weight Gain Supplements

true champion dog buff k9 dog muscle health stress supplement

Dog Weight Gain Supplements

Tips from an Actual Customer

All of us have had this problem at one time or another with our dogs but may have not noticed it.  Problems with dog weight gain, no matter how much dog food you feed your dog they don’t gain healthy muscle weight. This is what used to happen to my dog and it took a very long time figuring it out and thousands of dollars later we finally found the answer and the problem was the choice of dog food and choosing the right supplement to for dog weight gainer or muscle builder for dogs, muscle weight.

Visiting the Vet and Getting Nowhere

My dog Jack is a pitbull who I purchased from a reputable breeder who is known for producing massive dogs. When I got my dog you could tell he was going to be a massive thick muscular pitbull just by looking at his frame but as he grew it seemed that his potential had vanished. I took him to the vet and they ran several tests to determine why he wasn’t gaining weight correctly and the results came back that everything was functioning correctly in his body and he was perfectly healthy. The vet assumed he wasn’t being fed enough. That was not the case I would feed him as much as he wanted so I started looking at other potential problems such as worms. I had been regularly de-worming him as needed but still wouldn’t help with my dogs weight gain problem. I had tried 90 percent of the different quality dog foods on the market with no success.


presa canario buffk9 dog supplements dog weight gain muscle builder

The Arnold of Dogs!

When I finally broke down and was willing to try anything I talked to a friend whose dog looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger and his recommendation was simple he said feed him a reasonably priced quality dog food, some raw meat and give him BuffK-9 True Champion Dog formula and you will see what happens in 4 weeks. I thought sure buddy your advice will not work because I was so disappointed from all dog foods and dog supplements for dog weight gain I had tried for my dog in the past that failed miserably.

Found the Right Dog Supplements

Something told me to just try the combo he recommended so I did, and holy Jesus is all I have to say, after a whole year and half of searching for a solution to my dogs not gaining healthy muscle weight I had finally found the combo. Quality dog food, raw meat and BuffK-9 True Champion Dog, thank god companies like these actually do exist. I hope other companies can learn and also start producing real quality products instead of lying to consumers. Well I hope this helps everyone out who has the same problem with their dogs. Rest assured if you try this combo it will work, guaranteed.

Jack Sr.

Pitbull owner, contributing author


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Vitamins for Pitbulls

How to Choose Vitamins for Pitbulls

With all the choices flooding the market for vitamins for pitbulls, bullys’ and bulldogs how can a responsible dog owner make an informed decision? Well we have complied a list of criteria that will help owners of bully breed dogs choose the right dog supplements or pitbulls vitamins. 

buffk9 vitamins pitbull supplements bully muscle abpt health stress joints dogs

Questions to Ask

1. Is your dog supplement human-grade?

2. Where is your dog vitamin supplement produced? USA?

3. Does the company post real photos of dogs or photoshopped, cartoon dogs?

4. Do the photos belong to the company or affiliates?

5. Is the supplement really balanced with protein, good fats, vitamins and minerals?

6. What form does the dog supplement come in, powder, pills or liquid?

7. Who designed the supplements? Vets, nutritionists, and qualified persons?

8. Is the supplement for adding bulk or high quality muscle?

Truth Finding

For question one, if you have answers to this question, you will be able to narrow your choices down significantly. Most dog supplements are not human-grade with little exceptions on the market so far.

Question two, narrows down the market to maybe approximately 1-2 supplements on the market. Questions 3-7 continue to guide you in the right direction of quality.

Satin Balls?

Finally, question 8, this is personal choice. Some owners looking for vitamins for pitbulls may want to simply “bulk” their dogs up by any means necessary. There are supplements designed for bulking as well as recipes to home-made products such as “satin balls.” 

Muscle Mass Gains

For dog enthusiasts looking to add quality muscle, improve overall health and quality of life, the answer is clear. BuffK-9® True Champion Dog Supplement (suitable for ALL DOGS) fulfills all the criteria of an elite dog supplement. BuffK-9® Supplements are known for producing quality supplements that produce results.

Top Quality Supplements

True Champion Dog supplement incorporates human-grade ingredients to combine protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids and herbs. This formulation not only helps to boost health but also lean muscle, skin/coat appearance and joint health. LEARN MORE




Article submitted by Jarrod Myers. Pictures by BuffK-9®

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Weight Pulling Dogs From Zero to Hero, How-To

buff k9 weight pull dogs power strength agility recovery supplements

Supplements and Vitamins for your Sporting Dog

In the competitive world of dog sports including weight pulling dogs, we know that our customers are always looking for that edge to beat out the competition. A lot of folks are under the assumption or misled that diet and exercise are the only factors involved in improving your dogs.

That is only half the truth. Find out how BuffK-9® Dog Supplements can help your dogs gain muscle, strength, endurance, stamina, and recovery that will push your dog to the top of his or her game on top of diet.

Why does your weight pulling dog need our supplements?

Breeds Participating

BuffK-9® all natural dog supplements are beneficial for all working dogs, weight pulling dogs, sporting dogs, pitbulls, bull mastiffs, rottweilers, german shepherds, american bulldogs, hunting dogs, lure coursing dogs, or any type of performance or family dogs.

General Info

Weight pulling is a dog sport involving a dog pulling a cart or sled loaded with weight a short distance across dirt/gravel, grass, carpet, or snow. It is a modern adaptation of freighting, in which dogs were used as freight animals to move cargo.

Many breeds participate in this sport, with dogs being separated into classes by weight. Sled dog and bull breeds excel within their respective weight classes, having been historically bred to pull sleds and carts as working dogs, respectively” (Wikipedia).

Many dogs have accomplished great feats of weight pull records. For example a 10,000 lb. pull and above have been seen regularly.


Improving safety in sports should always be a top priority. That is why dog supplements supporting the health and integrity of your dogs muscle structure is so important. Below you will find specialized supplements designed for sporting dogs and the everyday pet included. Support for your dog’s health, joints, pain relief and overall performance.

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Agility Dog Training And Pit Bull Terriers

dog muscle vitamin supplements buffk9

Agility Dog Training for your Pitbulls

Spending time training your Pit Bull can be very rewarding and fun for you both. It helps build a stronger bond between dog and owner that is important for the happiness of both parties. There are many different types of training that you can choose to do with your Pit Bull, one such is agility dog training.


Agility dog training is the process of teaching your dog to successfully navigate an obstacle course. If the training is successful, your pet should be able to do it by only listening to and obeying your commands. During an event, the dogs are timed and to win must not make any mistakes and must have the fastest time. It takes a lot of practice for a dog to be successful at this, but can be quite fun for both dog and trainer. This activity is especially good for Pit Bulls because it gives them a good outlet for all the extra energy they seem to have.

Experts Recommend…

true champion dog buff k9 dog muscle health stress supplement
True Champion Dog 2.0 Supplement for muscle, health, stress, relief, endurance and more…

Most experts recommend not starting agility training until your dog is at least one year old, at least not to enter in a competition before that age. Many owners who train their dogs to participate in these events will purchase their own equipment to have at home, so that they can begin training the dog at an earlier age. Agility dog training equipment can be quite expensive, so some trainers prefer to build their own equipment. Instructions can be found online and in books that should be available either in your local library or bookstore. Owners should be careful to watch the dog for any signs of injury, because occasionally working on agility training while the puppy is still growing will put a lot of strain on joints and bones that are not fully conditioned yet. It is recommended to have your dog cleared by a veterinarian before beginning any type of agility dog training.

Understanding Commands

The dog should also understand and obey basic commands before beginning any other type of training. Any type of training helps dog and owner to build a better relationship with each other, allowing them to work better and better together as time goes on. You should also work through any behavior or aggression issues your Pit Bull may have before considering agility training. The results will be less satisfactory and take longer to achieve if the dog is also working through other issues.

Most Pit Bull owners that are serious about their dog competing in agility competitions will enroll him in a training class, at least to help teach him the basics, then work with the dog on their own to enhance what he has learned. Being in a class will also help your dog work on his socialization, which will make him behave better around other dogs. Pit Bulls tend to want to fight when around other dogs, especially those of the same gender.

The most important thing to remember is no matter what type of training you do with your Pit Bull, you both should enjoy it. Spending time together will help build a better bond, leading to a lasting relationship. Whether you want your dog to compete or not, the benefits for both you and the dog are many.