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How to Maximize Your Bully’s Muscle Potential

Building Your Bully’s Muscle at Max Levels the Easy Way

Bully breeds are known for having low, heavy, and wide muscular structures. While many bullys can easily gain weight, others may not have that type of luxury in his or her genes. Some require extra work to have that “show winning look.” Even the bullys’ who have the best genetics may not be able to gain that thick, hard muscle structure which prompts people to turn and stare at your dog. So what can a dog owner do to truly maximize their bully’s muscle potential? And how can we do so in a safe and effective manner?

#1. Bully Supplements

True Champion Dog® 2.0 is an all-natural, safe, effective and side-effect free formula. It contains all natural herbs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids to boost bully muscle gains to the max. It works from several different pathways to help improve quality muscle gains while simultaneously boosting the health of your bully dog.

With benefits such as stress relief, immune boost, skin/coat, naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, True Champion Dog 2.0 easily earned a top reputation among dog owners worldwide.

What’s the difference between quality muscle gain vs. weight gain?  Simple, quality muscle is beneficial for maxing out your bully’s potential. Lean muscle is healthy in several ways to your bully. First, the muscle helps your dog operate at his or her peak. Second, healthy muscle gains help keep the joints, tendons and ligaments held together stronger for greater longevity. Third, the muscle mass simply looks good, which for show dogs, could be the difference between a win or a loss.  

Simple weight gain isn’t the best solution as weight gain can be the difference between muscle and fat. No one should subject their dog to being overweight in an un-healthy manner. Fat weight is not functional, but rather it is harmful in many ways. Unhealthy fat gains in your bully can aggravate breathing, heart function and joint integrity. Say no to fat gains and say yes to healthy maximization of muscle gains for your bully.

#2. Dog Food

This one is not that complicated. Choose a good quality food for your bully. Not all dog foods agree with your dog’s digestive system. That should be the first clue as to whether you should keep your current dog food or switch to another. Some will choose to feed their bully RAW diets. This is usually the best way to feed your dog, however it is not always convenient to prepare dog food in this manner. So simply choose what works best for your dog.

#3. Exercise

When people think exercise, sometimes they may feel the need to go to extremes. This is not always the case, especially if you’re looking to max out your bully’s muscle. Many times a rigorous walk is an ample workout for your dog. If your dog has working line genetics then you will have to do a little more work to train your dog for muscle stimulation. In the end most results will come from the diet. Remember your dog’s diet consists of food and supplements. Feed your bully the proper nutrients to fuel maximum muscle bully potential.